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Originally Posted by eric1407 View Post
Thank you Misery16226 and mecompco !
I was just wondering if there is a scientific answer to the question, if someone ate 6000 cal in one single day , would he or she gain a pound of fat knowing that the surplus is more than 3500 in that single day.?
I would like to be a volunteer and conduct this experiment on myself just to quench my curiosity.
I personally think that human body must have a limit regarding its willingness to transform whatever calorie amount it receives into fat.
By the way mecompo ! Your results are astounding ! Do you have any blog or testimony to read more about your fat loss and methods ?
Thank you !
Eric, I don't know of any scientific study like that--it is interesting, though. I do know that the "math" doesn't always add up when losing weight, so it stands to reason that it might not when (potentially) gaining weight. I'm sure there is some "overhead" involved in the storage of fat so that the excess calories probably aren't all available for storage in the fat cells.

I would, though, expect to see a fairly large gain in weight after such a day, simply due to fluid retention. How would one seperate that from actual fat gain w/o very sensative instruments (if they exist)? I would also expect that gain to vanish within a day or two of "normal" eating.

As to my weight loss methods and journey, it's all spread out on the forums here. I don't have any great secret--just tracking my 1500-1600 cals a day here on FitDay, doing some form of exercise daily and drinking lots of water. I do try to keep, on average, a 40/30/30 carb/protein/fat mix but don't panic if it's off a bit.

Oh, and I do plan for a "day off" every month where I feel free to eat/drink more than normal (though I still log everything). In a nutshell, that's it.

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The best exercises for weight loss are Fork Putdowns and Table Pushaways.

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