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Just do it. If you have trouble kicking it off, make a plan, walk first, then walk a minute - jog a minute, walk a minute - jog for two, pretty soon you'll be running marathons again. For lifting, my best suggestion is to go to the gym, and just get started. Warm up a little, then go through all the machines and see what you can lift, then work on increasing your strength on each one. If you're one to workout at home you might try something like EA Active II for the Wii, it's starts off a little slow, but I'm in pretty good shape and it brings me to an all over sweat pretty much every day. For me it takes the "thinking" out of a toning workout, I just get up out of bed throw on the workout clothes and pop in the disc and do what the cyber trainers tell me to do. The other suggestion I have is to find a personal trainer or a workout partner and just make a plan from there.
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