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Depending on your specific goals, I would highly recommend New Rules of Lifting and/or New Rules of Lifting for Women, both by Lou Schuler. For me, they helped restructure and refocus my workouts. They come with a lot of information, log pages (which you can photo copy or use as a template for your own system), higher protein recipes, and about 6 months worth of workout plans.

These are not books for someone who LOVES steady state cardio -- and by that I mean someone who truly enjoys it. They emphasize sprint/interval workouts secondary to the lifting program. You might be in this category with your running history, so I don't know if they'll match your goals precisely. They are, however, perfect for people who are trying to achieve weight loss goals through long sessions of steady state cardio and getting bored with it or not seeing results. If you want to lift more, have a specific program to follow and lose body fat, these books can really help you do that

I'm not usually one to "drink the kool aid" when it comes to following a specific program, but New Rules of Lifting For Women was the first and only book I have ever read that seems both logical and do-able. I have lost inches, gotten a lot stronger and have more energy since doing the programs.

Just my two cents, hope it helps!
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