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The other replies say exactly what I was going to suggest about doing your best to involve or at least let your little one know that you need to do some time for your exercise. I think this is great for her to see as well, so that she knows from an early age that exercise is important! She might even join you.

I just wanted to add that it's great that you're doing this! I made the mistake of waiting until my kids were older before I started working exercise into my routine. It was easier from the perspective of not needing to watch them every second, but harder because it had been so long since I'd last used the muscles in any real way. Wow, it took some time to get used to that!

Anyway, the only thing I can add is something it took me a while to learn: don't "find" time to do this, "make" time. I hope that doesn't sound too silly, I know it's just semantics, but especially for us moms ... we need to make our health a priority. Not something fit when when soccer practice gets rained out or whatever.

Good luck!
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