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Originally Posted by eric1407 View Post
How many calories would be stored if a 130 lbs person consumed 6,000 or more cal in a one single day one time a month ?
This question irked me a lot, because I remember I have eaten more that 6000 cal during some special parties and events.
But I didn't gained weight, which may mean that the body does not store the food it takes at one time, may be it has an intake limit and it throws anything that exceeds its capacity.
Suppose the limit is 3000 cal, thus eating 3000 cal in one single day is like eating 6000 cal

Since 3000 and 6000 would have the same damaging effect on my BMI i would prefer to consume 6000 instead of 3000.
The body does not "throw out" food the way you seem to be implying. If the body threw out your food, you'd vomit, or poop it out the same as when it came in! Though lets say that with that persons lifestyle they are not active and don't eat 6000 calories all the time. If they have an average metabolism they probably will burn about 2000-3000 calories a day doing almost nothing. So that is probably the minimum amount they will be burning if they do more activity, they burn more calories. So even if they burned only 2500 calories that day, they would have 3500 calories left over in their bodies. That would equal 1 pound of fat BUT our body doesn't turn excess calories into fat right away. If that person ate lighter the next day, they body would start using those extra 3500 from the day before. So really you probably burn that extra calories throughout the week if eating normally for the other days. So yea you could eat 6000 calories once every month or so and probably not notice any weight gain. Probably won't lose weight either though.

P.S I can't imagine how you could eat 6000 calories in 1 day. That is like 4-6 days of food for me and most people. Think about that next time you feel like eating 6000 calories.. You are consuming almost a week worth of food. :/ That can't be healthy whether you gain weight from it or not.
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