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Originally Posted by SvetaDoll View Post
I've just started on Fitday and have been logging my food for the last 4 days... i've had a lot of fun going through all the features and analysing everything! One notable feature about my diet though is the sodium content.... i end up doing about 300% RDI on most day and never under 100%!!!

What can too much salt do in terms of health and trying to lose weight??

Also, i went food shopping today and couldn't believe how much sodium 'no/low fat' products have compared to regular products!! It's like a double edge sword!!!!

My Personnel point of view is that the RDI isn't really accurate even if it is done by "experts"
World wide survey and several studies showed and that at least 79% of people around the world regardless to their cultures, tradition and race ,consume more that the limit RDI.
This for me a clear sign that the RDI numbers are just wrong.
As long as I stay completely away from processed food I have no worry about the sodium that I take as a table salt condiment .
I follow my tongue and taste when it comes to salt, I think that our bodies is smart enough to tell us stop taking salt if we were taking too much of it.
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