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Thumbs up Hang in there Stacey

Originally Posted by staceyalberta View Post
had one of those days yesterday. for the most part it was great i'd say 90% a good day, BUT i then got into one of those moods. you know bf says/does something that is just a trigger & i dig in my heals & we are going to deal with it. you WILL talk to me & you will do it NOW...~sigh~ i then get all emotional. now i just feel blah...blah...blah...blah. i'm sure bf is glad to be away from me & back at his place for awhile. or that's just my stinking thinking. not sure why i react like that. why i just can't let stuff go at times. wonder if i'm pms'ing someone kick me in the behind & tell me to pull up my big girl panties & deal with it.
Don't think about what your bf might be thinking/doing. Instead keep your thoughts positive and think things like--you stood up for what you believed were your needs in that moment. Kudos! You were taking care of yourself in the best way you knew how in that moment. More kudos!! Keep your thoughts positive because we all know how that downward spiral can quickly lead to stress-eating and you don't want to go there (esp when we're PMS'ing). It will all work out, just give it time. Meanwhile, give yourself lots of pats on the back as you pull up those big girl pants!
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