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Regardless of whether or not I should put my lifting here I wanted to share this:

Today I was feeling "underpowered" and, since I hadn't bothered to train during the wee hours of morning, I had my session between 15 and 16. Since 5*5 hadn't gone that well on wednsday I decided to mix it up and do 3*10 with a bit lower weights with the exception of deadlifts, of which I did 2*7.

Squats: buuurrrn, fukers. I maintained form much more easily than with 5*5, even though the completion of sets was much more exhausting. I got the feeling that sets of 10 punished my quads and glutes much better. Yesss, this is what we want!

Overhead press: same thing. The last 2 and 4 reps respectively were essentially push presses with a looong negative rep. Barf.

Deadlift: Lackluster by which I mean it was less awesome than the press or the squat. Sweet excercise, kept attention on pushing with my hip (yes I know it's a pull movement). Even though I used alternative grips the extra reps were apparently too much for my girly hands and I only managed to do 6+1.

Summa summarum: being consistent is good, but a little variation is better. Just like with eating, I couldn't go without cheatdays and not kill drunks/fatties and drink their blood for the sweet, sweet alcohol/doughnuts within.
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