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Default I love these responses

So many wise people tuned into the struggle and reasons we became overweight to begin with. Thanks for posting replies. They are awesome.

I have a twelve year old son who is very active, built like a tank, and was on the edge of being overweight like so many children are these days. He asked me what to do to avoid this (smart guy for so young) and I told him he was NOT going on a diet. Instead he was going to change out what he drinks and he was simply going to eat Mom's cooking. I'm so proud of him. All sugar drinks are out of his diet. No pop. Lean meat and fish because he's a major carnivore. He's lost fifteen pounds without feeling it. And here's the thing....he understands that he needs to be playing outside and not sitting playing video games. When he played basketball in the city league here, he was the only one on his team that could keep running the length of the court. He's normal weight for his size, he loves tilapia and he loves green tea with stevia...go figure.

I wish when I was a child I was not put on so many diets. I may have found a solution before getting so large with a massive weight loss to have to go through. Never give up though.

Hang in there everyone.
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