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Originally Posted by wydok View Post
Calories are calories so it shouldn't matter too much. HOWEVER, it appears alcohol in your system may lower your metabolism. See here:

Why alcohol calories are more important than you think...
Alcoholic Drinks - Weight Loss

I am not an expert on this (or anything nutritional, actually), so I'm not sure how accurate that is. Basically it sounds like if you are going to exercise, you might want to do it before you drink the wine, otherwise you are burning fat less efficiently.
Alcohol (especially red wine) offers some health benefits but it needs to be in moderation. Maggie is right about the need for a multivitamin on the calorie restriction you are on-keeping in mind the vitamins from a pill are not as absorbed the same way as naturally occurring vitamins (i.e. via food source-broccoli). Wydok is correct about the metabolism. Add a few minutes to your workout if you do not want to eliminate your wine. It is my belief that you will have more success sticking to your diet if you are able to indulge in a glass of wine; diets are a balancing act so you need to compensate for the wine and it is better to add to your exercise rather than eliminate a healthy food source. Good luck!

Wydok~Congratulations on your progress!!!! Keep up the great work
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