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Thanks. I like to weigh myself, but not daily, since there's some perverse force in the universe that makes you weigh more one day/less the next/more the next. Also, when you hit a plateau, daily weights are discouraging. I weigh about once a week, even with the scale in my bedroom.

Yeah, I'm sure I've lost SOMETHING in the past two weeks. If not, that same perverse force is REALLY out to get me! I'll know I'm doing really well when my dimples disappear. My mom and her friends used to think they were cute when I was a kid, but when I got out of college, I weighed 128 lb. (5'8") no more dimples! I'll be very happy when the needle shows I'm out of the obese range and merely overweight! Sheesh. The other thing is that my dad and his mother both developed diabetes later in life, and I want to beat that rap.
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