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Originally Posted by Kumochi View Post
I often do a bran flakes/milk/banana and yogart breakfast. It is pretty high in carbs. I lose more if I do a higher protein breakfast. The frosted shreddies are not too high calorie if you don't like plain cereal. Some of the enriched high fibre ones are way up there in calories.

When I'm in a hurry (such as this morning) I make my own version of a smooothie -- Blend a Raw Egg, 3/4 cup 1 % milk, 1/2 cup fruit, small yogart. Makes a nice drink and covers my protein. Much lower carbs.

One of my favourite easy to eat breakfast is "Eggs to Go" Scramble one or two eggs, add tomatos, feta, onions -- whatever you want and stuff into half a small pita. Simple, fast and great tasting.

I'd be more concerned with the white sugar that's the "frosted" part.

As for the high carbs, I try to stay with the complex carbs when I can.In my case, I try to eat most of my carbs in the morning ( I usually run 3-5 miles every other morning)- whether it's a bowl whole grain oatmeal with a banana or whole wheat pita bread stuffed with whole eggs or egg whites.

But that's just me, I've achieved my "target" weight and I'm doing more of a maintenance diet. My doctor has me testing every 3 months for cholesterol & glucose levels.
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