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Default New Bathroom Scale

Yesterday I bought a new scale because I really didn't have a reliable one to use when I wanted to. I had been weighing in at the doctor's office, but hate to bug the nurses there to let me use their scale. SO...the new scale registers my current weight at 230.6, and I'm setting that as my current FitDay weight. The doctor's scale a week or two ago indicated 240, but if I'm going to be using one scale to track progress, I think it should be trusted. (Not that I think I've lost almost 10 pounds in two weeks!) One of the scales is "off". I'm just hoping my new one is consistent.

I have been watching my calories and exercising religiously every day, and I probably have lost SOME weight since the doctor's office weigh-in. In any case, I discovered hipbones and a couple of ribs the other morning, and they didn't belong to the dog.

Anyway, having the new scale at home gives me some encouragement to keep going, now with additional feedback re: progress.
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