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Talking Different Equipment

I am just posting on diff stuff to use when working out, besides cardio stuff, freeweights, rubber tubing, and body weight. I have used alot of the traditional stuff and it really isnt fun for me like it was so I changed it up not only how I trained but what I train with also. I still use free weights, body weight and rubber tubing but I have added whats called the ultimate sandbag it is AWESOME never felt anything like it, shifting weight is cool. I have also incorporated a Slide board some claim it can be as good as running with out the impact but the best part is that it works you laterally and thats a great thing. I have picked up a Reebok core board also for unstable training helps get the minor muscle fibers you cant hit when you are stable as well as a few other things. Granted the stuff isn't cheap but I picked up some of it off ebay and I didnt do it all at once either. Its just a nice way to change training make it diffrent and gives you other tools to use. It also makes you think out of the box when it comes to working out.
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