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I'll tell you what has worked for me... I keep my favorite FROZEN VEGETABLES (for me, that would be BROCCOLI FLORETS, BRUSSEL SPROUTS, POLE BEANS, FRENCH CUT GREEN BEANS, LEAF SPINACH) in the freezer in a 12 ounce size.

Then in the evening when you find yourself getting hungry while your "Better Half" is devouring potato chips/pizza, just go out to the kitchen and put a small (12 oz) package of your favorite frozen vegetables into the saucepan/microwave and it will cook in 5-8 minutes.

Then... drizzle a little bit of olive oil (or spray some sprayable olive oil) onto the cooked vegetable dish and add a little bit of seasoning (for me, that's usually a dash of garlic salt/powder and/or a splash of soy sauce and maybe 1/2 Tablespoon of parmesan cheese).

Ok, 1 pkg of any of these frozen vegetables will vary from 100 - 150 calories. If you spray a little olive oil on -- just enough for flavor -- that's not much -- say another 15-20 calories (even though they say 0 calories on the can, i always charge myself a little extra).

But WOW -- these veggies are VERY FILLING and good for you too. I guarantee you won't want any pizza or potato chips or chocolate chip cookies afterwards.

A couple of times trying this and you will look forward to your evening snack... maybe even allocate some calories toward a planned evening snack.

You will come to enjoy this treat -- I guarantee! My favorite is spinach with a chopped up tomato added to it... with a little olive oil spray and a dash of garlic powder. yum, yum -- I could eat it every night....or Fresh Broccoli steamed with juice from a lemon. WONDERFUL! The roughage and fiber fill you up.... you won't be wanting junk food after a while, but will look forward to these vegetable late night snacks.

And you'll sleep like a baby!

You will be proud of yourself that you weren't "bad" but instead had a very tasty snack, anyway -- after a while you'll turn your nose up at the junk food - you won't want it.

Then you could always chew a little sugarfree cinnamon gum afterwards, if you really feel you need a slightly sweet taste. But you won't be hungry.

Loss of weight on the scale is nice, but for me the most important success indicator is regaining low body fat -- a.k.a. a 27" waist!

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