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I have the same problem as many of you here - bf keeps bringing chips, chocolate, chicken wings, and other goodies in the house. I've been doing my best to resist though, or, at the very least, build those unfortunately calories into my daily count - not great nutrition-wise, but at least my intake doesn't grossly increase. My go-to evening snacks instead are:

- 100 calorie popcorn mini-bags. I loooove popcorn, and as another poster said, by making the mini-bag, I can make an excuse for not having to share!
- air popped popcorn. We have a ceramic bowl from Walmart that lets you pop kernels in the microwave - way easier than lugging out a big air popper or doing popcorn with oil on the stove. If you want to avoid all the "unnatural" flavor additives in the store-bought microwave bags, this is the way to go! I also melt a tbsp of light Becel for topping - it's only around 20 calories.
- vanilla pudding cups
- sugar-free/fat-free vanilla frozen yogurt. This snack frustrated me for awhile because I was measuring with my eyeballs only - to me, 1/2 C (80-100 cals, depending on the brand) looked like about 2 scoopfuls. However, when I finally got out my kitchen scale (best purchase ever, BTW!) and measured, turns out I had only been allowing myself about 1/4 C! Moral of the story: use your measurements!
- Cadbury Thins chocolate bars. These come in at least 3 yummy flavors - almond, mint, and milk chocolate - and are only 100 calories each. Yes, the bars are small and skinny, but I find they do a pretty good job of satisfying my occasional chocolate craving!
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