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Originally Posted by noelminneci View Post
I could never do that. Let us know how it works out for you.
Will do.
I'm starting next week since I need to get a few things (more vegetables, some kind of broth, healthy juices.) and can't till next week.


I tried to do this fast, planned it very well.. couldn't do it this time.
Just was too hard to do my workouts on an empty stomach. I got through the day of only vegetables , but only juices ! I couldn't, I had no energy, and no self-control apparently. My mom made a wonderful low-cal cabbage/beef soup which I could smell simmering for hours and I devoured it for supper today after doing a wimpy workout (I sweat as if I was running 10MPH at only about 3-4MPH). So I guess fasting on juice just is too hard for me when I'm also trying to workout a lot. I can't imagine trying a water fast right now. Maybe I will try this again when I'm in better physical shape Still was a good experience. I learned that a food you normally don't even like becomes extremely tasty when you are very very hungry xD, I also learned that low-carb raw vegetables are not filling at all.

By the way I've also come across some research on fasting, and enemas (awkward I know...) anyways I am convinced that while doing a fast (especially a long one) its very important to do large enemas to flush out some of the toxins that are escaping into your colon so they aren't reabsorbed. It's supposed to decrease some of the unpleasant parts of fasting as well. I know this is a grim topic but I figure since its about health and fasting, might be good to share.

I'm going to stay on track with eating as natural, organic and healthy as possible, and slowly switching over to raw-diet as well. I think once my body gets used to eating this extremely healthy foods, I will be less toxic, stronger, have better self-control, and be able to do a fast more successfully. Also would help me if I were living alone, without food being offered to me.

Anyways props to anyone who can do a fast! It takes a lot of discipline.
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