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Well I'm older, shorter and started off heavier, so I might have a few pointers. Keep the bike, it's a very good workout and it builds long lean muscle and burns calories. As you drop more weight you may need to increase your workout to keep the losses going, as the lighter you are the fewer calories you burn (horrible but true).

You might want to take a good long look at your macros, and see where you gravitate to, and how that might be improved. One of my biggest issues is that I LOVE carbs, and before I got smart about it, maybe 80-90% of my calories came from carbs. In order to take advantage of all that biking you need to make sure that you're getting enough protein. I shoot for 1,350-1,550 calories/day, and a pie chart that looks something like 40-40-20, but everyone is different, and whatever you're doing is working for you, so maybe it doesn't need too much tweeking just yet.

Good luck and congratulations.
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