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Talking Finally! This might actually work

Hi all.... i just thought about researching online for food journals today and came across this site. Being free i couldn't say no now could i?! I have tried to keep a diary so many times but many things would always stop me... the calculating, the amount of writing, the lack of stats and the thought of someone finding it... it would always put me off... so this is promising! I cant believe i didn't think about this sooner....

So. I'm a 5'8" and about 225lb 28 year old female. I have literally been a large girl my entire life.... big baby, huge child, big teenager, large woman - there was a short period of time were i was a size 14 (AUS) in high school but generally i swing from a size 16 to a 22... my heaviest was about 255lb but currently i am 225lb. I'm a heavy set shape, or so i've been told. I remember an aunty saying i come from the 'field working woman gene stock' of the family... which sucks as my mum is from the 'slim russian model gene stock' of the family.... obviously its frustrating when your mum has always looked hotter than you! hahaha.

So i moved to the US from Aus for study..... and for the last 2 months i have started riding a bike for about 40mins 6 days a week..... to college and back, and to my surprise i have lost close to 13lb! yay for me!! haha.

My current goal is to get to about 170lb in a year.... thats 55lbs.... i'm not sure how realistic that is but i'm hoping i can ACTUALLY DO THIS (this time!)!!!

Any suggestions on protien/carb/fat ratios i should be aiming for?

Thanks for reading! i look forward to sharing the journey with everyone.
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