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Default Preffered Measuring choice?

Ok so this is gonna sound wierd to some maybe but here goes. Do you weigh your food or measure it? Which do you prefer. I mean it can say 3/4 Cup and 29 grams so do you use a measuring cup and trust that it'll be 29 grams or do you just weigh everything. I am finding that I weigh everything put it all in grams most of the time and enter it into my food journal that way. I think I do this also so when I put together letts say like tuna salad today. I put it all in grams and when it's made I add up all the grams I added together in the bowl and divide it by serving I prepared so that I can portion out the right amount. Does this make sense? My husband thinks I'm crazy he says just grab a measuring cup and measure it. Am I being too anal about this whole thing. I tend to have a bit of OCD when it comes to certain things.
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