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Hey, I had a thought that might help with getting enough water and perhaps curb over-eating at meals . . . if you have a nice, big glass of water right before you sit down to eat, the water will make you feel a little bit full. This means you probably won't eat quite as much at your meal. So it's win-win.

By the way, if you're not lucky enough to have tanks and get to drink rainwater, I would recommend getting yourself a water filter to remove some of the taste of 'town water'. I know some people have great difficulty choking it down (I've been spoiled with rainwater tanks, and now I can't stand town water). If you've got a little bit of spare cash, you could even get a water filter/cooler. One of the guys on here shared this tip: your body has to work to warm the water, so it's a few bonus calories burned. Probably not much, but every bit helps.
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