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Runbikeski - thanks for your response!

Can you somehow or tell me how I can email Jim the admin.

I personally wouldn't be too fussy if the calorie count of how many your losing is wither it's 700 or 900. The point is to be able to list and put your sets, exercises, reps, weight into a format that you can track, while tracking your nutrition (which we can already do).

You simply at the beginning choose from the drop down menu the choices already given. Wither its a hard 45 min workout or a light workout.

Let's start 1st with just being able to add our workout plans for different days: exercises, sets, reps, weight, etc and then work outwards from there.

We don't need to be 100% precise with the number of calories lost - just a simple approximation from the options you already have is a simple fix.

I think it would be very beneficial for this site to have the workout log as I described above. The calories aren't the main thing - just a quick educated guess - it doesn't need to be exact. The main thing would be to log the workouts.

If we can do this I think it would make your site a lot better.

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