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One of my fave snacks is frozen pudding cups. I get the sugar-free 60 calorie ones, pop the whole box into the freezer and when that hungry "need-something" feeling hits I pull one out and eat it. They take a while to eat, and I also drink a big glass of water at the same time. Oranges are also a nice snack, they take a while to peel and eat, and I drink a big swig of water between each slice and they are also sweet which is what I'm usually craving. Another really good snack is a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese. The odd thing about the cheese is that it's not always what I'm hungry for, but 99.9% of the time it shuts off my need to binge, and at 35 calories I can afford to eat one most of the time. You might also look at your diet, if you are carb loading earlier in the day, chances are you are going to have a carb crash in the evening which will drive you to cave in. You might want to go really low carb for a couple of days and see if the cravings are diminished in the evenings. It's also well past time for a serious heart to heart with your husband. Husbands can be slow to "get-it" but generally speaking they can eventually be brought 'round a'kicking and a'screaming. Brace for some grumbling, but be firm and consistent. When you cave in to his sabotage he wins and you are back to square one - again.
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