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I'm going to second that bit about researching how much you need in a day and upping the amount of exercise you get. I know it's really hard in the beginning. On the Motivational thread there is a poster named "Mern" who started off being able to walk in her living room for less than 5 minutes, now she's up to like a mile and a half walking at the park. I think she started in Jan or Feb and is taking it slowly, one little baby step at a time. On 1,000 calories/day, I would be a seriously mean human, so you may want to make an adjustment on that amount. Seriously being at a healthy weight is not about starvation, it's about eating the right kinds of food, in moderation and getting enough exercise. You have to make sure you get enough protein in your diet, because if all your calories come from carbs, it's makes losing weight that much harder. Once you start logging all you foods on this site, you can take a look at where your calories are coming from and make the necessary modifications. Oh and she's right about the water, water water water, can't stress it enough. 64 oz/day baseline + another 8oz for every 10 pounds you want to lose.
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