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Hi, symphony'\smom, and welcome to FitDay.

I hope you mean 1,000 calories per day? If you consume less calories than you burn, you will lose weight. Sometimes, restricting yourself so severely can only be setting yourself up for failure because after a week, maybe two, you're going to be very sick of the drastic reduction in foods . . . unless you have willpower with the strength of kryptonite, of course. However, it's not the healthiest way to lose weight. You need to work out a calorie intake that is healthy for YOU. If you cut back too much, your body will revert to 'starvation mode', which, if you think about it, makes a lot of sense. The body was designed for the hunting-and-gathering lifestyle. If you're not putting enough (healthy) food in your body, you body thinks it's winter-time, food is scarce, and starts to store all the fat to continue to supply you with energy through what it supposes is the 'winter months' or months of poor hunting.

I understand your wanting to be around for your baby's life. May I make a suggestion that, instead of cutting back your calories so very much, you instead substitute your 'empty' calories for healthy foods? Instead of cooking with oil, use a bit of stock. Pile your dinner plate with steamed vegetables. Change out a few meals of the week for dinners with grilled fish and poached or grilled chicken. Snack on a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts. Drink lots and lots of water. Change your white bread to whole wheat. Start choosing foods that are low in fat (making sure they're not substituting sugar for fat), low in salt. There are heaps of sites on the internet that give tasty, low calorie recipes and most even provide a nutritional guide.

You can set up, if you haven't already, your activities tab, which will show you, once you've input the relevant information, how many calories you burn per day just by your body performing its normal bodily functions. If you make sure you have about a 500 calorie deficit, you will lose the weight.

Well done for your achievement with the stairs. Do you have a goal date in mind for getting around the pool? It's wonderful your family is so supportive!

It's going to take time, as everything that's worth it does. Keep that in mind, come to the forums for support and motivation and stick with it. There are some wonderful people here that have lost, or are on the journey to lose lots of weight. Know that it's not impossible and you can do it!
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