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Question who needs to lose more than 200lbs?

im 27 yrs old...and weigh 457lbs. i need lots of motivation so if anyone can give me tips please help. thanks
ive been at my heaviest at 471lbs last week. im scared i wont be able to see my 7 month old grow up. especially since im only 27. i dont know how i got to this point. im mad that i let this get so far. my husband is very supportive and everyone wants me to be healthy but untill i want to lose weight...i wont. i have to do this for myself.

so far i was able to walk up on flight of stairs...even though it took a few breaks in between steps. it was a small victory.

now im going for a big goal. i want to be able to walk around my pool twice. its a big pool.

one day i hope to be able to walk around walmart without having to ride in one of those electric carts.

ive been starving myself.
but i need to find some other way to do this.

my goal for this week is to eat 1,000 calories

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