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The values of protein, fat, & carb grams converted to calories is all over the internet. It's usually called the 4-9-4 or 4-4-9 or somesuch. I'm trying to find the balance of protein, carb, fat that will suit my needs and body.

I can survive on sub 1k calories and about 25 g carbs on the Atkins but it leaves me constipated. I looked at the Zone but combinations of food don't make sense to me so I decided to experiment with different percentages mostly between fats and carbs.

To alleviate the constipation I drink at least 6 oz of fresh orange juice along with a small home made bran muffin. That totals out at 36 carbs. Add that to my 25 and it's 61 which really isn't that bad.

All in all, the FitDay program is really OK. I'm just wondering if this makes any difference for people who use consume 2000 or more daily calories.
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