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Talking Weigh in results! WOOOO


Results: 242.2 OMG I've lost 3.6 pounds YAYYY
I also measured myself again! And total I've lost 12.5 total inches of body size, more if I were to count both legs, and both arms.. but I just followed fitdays measurement list. I've lost 4 inches off my waist since I started, that's 2 inches a week !!!! There's a theory that the waist should be 10 inches smaller then the hips and chest.. !!! I'm almost there! chest = 48.5 Waist= 38 Hips = 48 YIPPEE no longer completely round, I has a noticeable shape! I'm a girl! lol
Okay so this isn't that amazing, I'm just easily impressed today! I could be measuring slightly wrong to, if I'm not measuring in the exact same places as before, but I'm pretty confident that I remember the exact location of the previous measurements. 12.5 inches seems like a huge amount of size!
*happy dance*
Going to go try on some of my old clothes that were getting too tight.

Just have 92 pounds left to go....
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