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Default Evening Snacks - Need Help!!

Hi Ladies,

I've been away from the forum for a while. I have been trying to get back on track but mostly procrastinating. I'm 45 years old and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic 2 years ago. I purchased a glucose tester recently and it says "7" means your diabetic, my reading is "6.9". I know that if I lose even another 20 lbs I can probably prevent the inevitable, but time is running out.

My husband sabatoges my efforts and I can't stop him. He does love me but he is addicted to high fat junk foods and provides them for both himself and me. I am not even tempted anymore by the poutine's and fries he eats at lunch every day, but I have a terrible weakness in the evenings.

In an effort to get in control, I have been trying to restrict my after 5:00 pm eating to a 600 calorie dinner and a 300 calorie snack. Add to that 800 calories earlier in the day and it totals to 1700 calories per day maximum. Up until and including dinners have been very successful, but the evening snack is the killer. I get tired and lose my ambition and then my husband provides me with a bag of chips or chocolate or some other high calorie favourite.

How can I learn to say no to this? Maybe if I'm consistent for a long enough period of time, he will stop providing it? These snacks at night are causing me a low quality of life and leading me to an early grave.

I have been struggling with this for a very long time and I know the answer is to restrict night time eating. I'm so close to the lifestyle changes that will bring a change, but this one thing is preventing my success.

Does anyone else out there have any insight or advise? Has anyone found a way to beat this? Should I try eliminating the evening snack altogether? Or is restricting it still possible for me? I'd love to hear from anyone who can offer help. Thank-you.
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