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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
Here's a thread in which I share some of my fasting experiences:


I'm not convinced it is the best solution to weight loss, but one thing you can be sure of, if you don't eat, you WILL lose weight (and, of course, eventually starve to death).


This is great. If I fast it wouldn't be to lose weight, it would be to cleanse. I just wanted to make sure it doesn't effect metabolism or muscles. And from what I've read on that thread, seems like metabolism doesn't just slow down as easily as some people suggest.
I'm going to start of with a very short fast = with in a week I plan to ease in and out of the fast. With the start being just raw foods, then just juice, then water, then back to juice, then back to raw foods... then back to regular. This may not be the most cleansing, but I think it will help my mind understand the process better. After this I may or may not try a longer more physically effective fast. Just need to try it at least.
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