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Default FitDay web autologouts too frequently (Admin monitored)

Dear admin,

Sorry, but I can't find anywhere else to post this request.

I'm not a fan of software when webware is available, so I would not be interested in fitdaypc.

fitdayweb autologouts are too frequent. Please consider allowing a user to remain logged in for a longer period such as 24 hours.

I can understand my bank autologging me out after 10 minutes, but I have never experienced autologouts with the same frequency as fitday web on any other website, and I am a member of probably 250 different sites.

I live in China where the internet is slow. The amount of time I have to sit in front of my system waiting to log into fitday web after coming back to my system after what must be less than 20 minutes is adding up to something like 5 minutes per day on the aggregate as I have to access the site many times to input all my daily foods.

Although I evaluated 5 other diet tracking sites and found fitday to suit my needs best, this autologout issue is something that is making the user experience a lot worse than I had hoped.

Many Thanks,
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