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Default Starting a journal to track eating & lifting

Hi (This is mainly a copypaste from my first journal entry).

So, I started a fitday journal to keep my fitness efforts in one place. I'm a 25-year-old male, Finnish, last year of university studies in Oulu, previous sports experience in jiujitsu, judo, boxing, thaiboxing, MMA, crosscountry skiing, hunting, running and weightlifting. Currently getting back to weightlifting after a bout with depression, doing Stronglifts' 5*5 program with AxBxAxx / BxAxBxx split. The program looks like this, if someone doesn't know or can't be bothered to google-fu:

Squat 5*5
Bench press 5*5
Barbell row 5*5

Squat 5*5
Overhead press 5*5
Deadlift 1*5

Current lifts stand at:
Squat 95 kg
Bench 63 kg
Row 40 kg
Overead press 40 kg
Deadlift 130 kg

(Sometimes I do auxiliary exercises to the last iota, like Dogcrapp calf raises or pullovers after my cooldown just so that I can get completely spent *pukes*)

On Friday's session decided to downgrade squat and deadlift by 10 and 15 kgs respectively, since I plateau'd on both for the 2nd time.

Also doing 20 pullups -program on lifting days as stronglifts in morning, pullups in evening. Sometimes static ab holds like tuck planches, planks, frogstands or L-holds on rest days.

Eating, well there's something not-as-traditional: intermittent fasting. I hope to get more accuracy on the nutrition part as currently it's not as "sharp" as I'd like e.g. too much guessing and not really much attention on lift/rest day split on carbs vs. fat on nutrition. Cheat days I usually have on sundays.

Anyways, on lifting days I try to eat my maintenance + 20% and on rest days maintenance -20%. Before official logs keeping track on eatings has been a losing battle (let's face it, I'm dumb as hell).

Anyways I'll be inputting my lifting and eating when relevant and my profile should be open for everyone to read, so all you nerds can bask in my glory and all you Rippertoe fanboys can wonder if I put enough hip drive on my squats

edit: woah I posted this on newcomers but it got moved to excercise??

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