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Originally Posted by cazlar View Post
Thanks for your response guys.
I do track everything i eat and drink, and i weigh everything aswell, so think my calorie intake is generally accurate. I don't however track the days that i have 'off' so perhaps that is the problem (on these days I am usually away from a computer and probably don't track them subconsciously to make myself feel less guilty haha!).
Im only going by what fitday says is my basal metabolic rate (mostly seated, correct for my height etc.). The machines at my gym measure heart rate and allow you to input height and age, but obviously i can not say if they are totally accurate.
As for water, i try to drink around 2.5l a day and on average my calories mix is 17% protein, 53% carb, 30% fat, although this doesn't include the days that i haven't tracked.
Perhaps it would be worth me getting a HRM, thanks for the advice!
Well, many of us add 8 hours of sleep to our daily activities (though the programmers say it's included in the lifestyle calculation)--you might try that.

You MUST track those "days off". My days off are pretty ugly (generally due to a fairly large quantity of beer) but I track them. If you're away from a computer, write down what you eat/drink on paper and enter it later. Do your best estimating the portions.

Have you considered upping your protein? 17% seems mighty low--I try to keep a 40/30/30 carb/protein/fat mix on average. Some recommend even more protein than that.

2.5l seems like a good start, but more (within reason) wouldn't hurt.

That's my .02

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