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Hey there - in no way am an expert - however from doing a lot of reading and taking tidbits from here and there, I would agree with eating how you can eat after the 90 days. You have to be able to eat anything - just learn moderation aka portion control. I also try not to eat "low fat" products or those with artificial sweeteners. Your liver takes longer to process these foods as they have more chemical - that is one of the reasons that a lot of people who drink only diet soda are overweight. Your liver can process a gram of sugar faster then a gram of sweetener. Drink water and also green tea. Eat single item food, i.e. carrots, steak, oatmeal, eggs and stay away from process (as much as we can in our life although this is hard as even what we consider our healthy cereals are "processed" foods. I do agree that if you take 1 egg and as many egg whites as you want - it is a great way to start your day. I would substitute a whole orange for the orange juice.

I live with a morbidly obese husband (270 lbs) and I wish he would take this action. Just be sure you do eat enough - if you are hungry all the time, you will blow the diet and that is no good just be sure to pick healthy foods. Also when you are morbidly obese, be sure that you visit the doctor and get a check-up and let them monitor your progress. It is also someone else to be accountable to.

Good Luck!
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