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I would love to be part of the vegan Tuesday group! I've been about 90% vegan for 3 and a half years since I met my boyfriend who is 99.9% vegan. I try to eat a little animal protein a day, usually from 1 hard boiled egg. If we go out I like to get fish sometimes. Its interesting to see the recipes posted here. I will definitely be posting some of my own!

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Unfortunately, as a mother of family of five, I only have a limited budget, and things like soya milk are twice as expensive than dairy.
I agree that soy milk is much more expensive, however there are alternatives. You could try making your own rice milk. Thats what I do. It seams more expensive at first because you have to buy a lot of ingredients but in the end its worth it and much cheaper. You can add agave or vanilla bean to make if sweeter. Its perfect in soups and smoothies!
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