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I know what it is to be frustrated with how slowly the weight is coming off. I have AS, which is a very bad form of arthritis that affects mostly the spine but can affect other joints as well (I also have issues with my hip joints). So, I am very restricted in what I can and can't do. Even prolonged walking causes immense pain. I'm a 38 year old, 5'6" female currently at 204 pounds and eventually want to get to 150, or even 140. I was down to 176 at one time, but then everything just stopped. FOR 4 MONTHS! Talk about discouraging. I just started a new drug, Humira, and the pain finally seems to be lessening. So, time to get back on the kick and hopefully be able to throw in some exercise this time as well. I actually took a 1 mile bike ride with my kids a couple nights ago (the weather in Michigan is finally starting to warm up), so that's a good start for me. As my tagline in my signature says, "I'm gonna do it this time!" Don't give up! I did and look where it got me. Right back to square one. You've made great progress and with a few tweaks, you'll continue to make more. Don't give up and end up where I am (again).

Starting over again.....
Starting weight on 3/17/11: 204 lbs
Goal by Christmas 2011: 150 lbs.
Ultimate Goal: KEEP IT OFF!

*Gonna do it this time!*
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