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Weight Watchers..and many others, don't work, if they did you would do it once and be " fixed"...and this is life long. They make their money on people who come for the magic fix...over and over and over. I have been here for about 6 weeks and I have not been separated from one thin dime. I have 2 friends who just this winter have bounced around from one diet plan to another and not made any headway that will hold them in good stead, and it is sad for me to see. One of them asked what I was doing and was shocked that the correct thing to do is read labels .. And she is 50 yrs old!! IMHO Weight Watchers keeps people thinking they are dependent and that is how they make their money. I watch my 2 friends who have been at WW on and off for 30 to 40 yrs and they both quote overly simplistic jargon that makes my head spin. So for myself I will just stay in here and quietly plug along losing my weight then maintaining it when the time comes.
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