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Thats how effective marketing is and probably the majority of people watching buy into it and why not - its designed that way. I love this fitday site - I feel committed yet balanced with my diet and not worried that it will end and I will revert to old bad habits. Its not controlling or manipulative and it gives me the responsibility of making good choices and seeing that it only affects me if I don't make good choices. Its an honour system so if you can't be honest with yourself, then likely this site will be revealing about what the problems are. Its easy to say I just wont enter my info today and I can ignore the bad day I had or pretend I didn't eat this or that but honestly I think we all know thats exactly why this is a great system - you can mess up but be honest and unload the guilt, forgive yourself and realize thats a big step forward by dealing with it and moving on. How many people on weight watchers or dr bernstein or whatever learn to be honest about their food habits? I think not enough do. Those programs are still using reliance on something or someone else to lose weight and gimicky. Everyone I know on WW and Dr B have gained their weight back and more. I know they advertise testimonials of successful cases, but personally I don't know any. Dr Oz recently wrote that its not a good idea to do any weight loss program or change your diet so that your calories significantly drop from what they had been - he says if you fet a hungry feeling, then your body is already fighting to store calories. He says just eat one less thing each week, make good choices and don't be hungry. Life long success will depend on finding eating habits that don't feel like a penalty.
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