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I always find it interesting to know what other people do, I am losing steadily on 1300 cal per day, actually between 1250 & 1350 max. I lose 1 lb a week right now without exercise but will be able to start very soon. I have one regular cheat a month that I build in to my cal per day which is an Icelandic Kleiner, it is a cake style donut and I have 2 of them with a mug of hot strong black tea. They are small and the size of one N. American donut. I eat them very slowly and savour every morsel!! I may even give them up by summer, who knows? Lol

I drink 16 cups of water per day which keeps the weight coming off and my kidney stones at bay. I have oral cancer and under plenty of stress but this actually gives me something to do and I am tickled with this site and the great people. I have no risk factors for this cancer, my dentist found it so please don't skip your twice a year checkups!!

cheers folks,

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