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It's so frustrating isn't it? I'm on a no sugar diet as well and I thank GOD for stevia, but I'd like to have something sometimes that I won't have to add it to. When I was in the USA I was a HUGE fan of the gluten free Isle at the grocery store because it had a ton of cereals that tasted awesome, without the sugar. My weakness was peanut butter cereals and I was thrilled when I found they had one. Of course there are other healthier choices too. So try checking out if your grocery store offers gluten free foods. There are also other things like gluten free brownies. My mom has celiac disease, as well as me(though I'm miserable about following my diet) and she introduced me to a whole new world of sugar free.

Also, I try to switch up my breakfast cause I get sick of eating the same thing every morning. Love oats, but not really suppose to have them. I do like to grill or sauté apples till they're soft, then lightly sprinkle a stevia cinnimon mixture on top of them. That with an egg is awesome. This kicks sweet cravings quickly too.

Yogurt, with peach slices, stevia and cinnimon was a breakfast I ate for a while till I got burnt out on it lol
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