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Default Some ideas

Hummus in many flavors is good. I like all the flavors.

There is a nutrition shake called Zoic Healthy Weight Management Nutrition Drink. It's 99 percent fat-free, lactose free has fiber, no sugar and is for people who have allergies. It's 100 calories a can.

In the Indian section of the supermarket there are some packaged meals that are low in fat and calories that are vegetarian. Zany multigrain is good, jodphur lentils, and many others. When my diet bores me to tears I go there.

Use the internet to find new vegetarian options for proteins. Every recipe known to man is somewhere to be found here.

Miso soups. Really good.

IMPORTANT INFO: I was told by Dr. Frackleton who ran a chelation clinic that eating eggs with their cholesterol content was not a thing to worry about PROVIDED you do not break the yolks. He said when the yolk is oxidized then the cholesterol is to be a concern. He meant breaking the yolks during cooking. It's ok to break them while eating them.

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