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Default I need to do this

I have a twelve year old son that loves fast food and needs to have his intake reduced. I have our trips reduced to once a week, but I'm not happy with that either.

The quality of beef at these places is bad. Fat content through the roof. White flour everywhere, salt and sugar beyond manageable amounts.

I guess I'm typing this because if I say it, I'll stay away. I found that what really helps keep my son away from it is to have, believe it or not, sloppy joe at home on hand for him to get his hot, meat sandwich fix. The sloppy joe is made out of lean ground turkey, has carrots, celery and onions in it and I make the sauce without sugar. I cook with Stevia and add it to the tomato sauce. Whole grain buns are snuck in on him.

Eating a spoonful of this beats getting a burger with cheese and mayo.

Every change towards low-fat healthy foods adds up. Each day is hard, but I find that I do enjoy the healthy food over the processed.

Congratulations everyone who is trying to make the change for health.
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