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Default A dozen tips = everything I know. Hope it helps

Originally Posted by poshredhead View Post
Hello, I am new and have a question, I have to lose 20# by end of April by Dr's orders. He did not state how but he wanted it off ASAP and then a moderate lose of 2-3# a week. I started back to the gym with water aerobics 3x per week with a 20-30 min swimm right after. Tomorrow I start an aerobic class for the disable with an upper body heavy weight after 2x a week. My not work properly at this time so alot of butt surfing. I have changed my eating habits to mostly beans, eggs, oatmeal, and fresh greens. The weight lose is okay...but not the big drop. Any suggestions?

Hello, I'm new at this but I do know a few healthy choices that I am now following..I'm going to tell you everything I know, hope it helps.

First :
In place of any vegetable oils, or butters when you cook.. use unpasteurized extra virgin coconut oil. You can buy this at a health-food store and it is so healthy and natural you can use it on your body as a moisturizer, in your hair as a mask, and of course eat it! The reason I recommend this is because unlike several types of fats, coconut oil is composed of medium-chain fats, That means your body can use these fats for nutrition. are easily digested, absorbed, and put to use nourishing the body. Unlike other fats, they do not put strain on the digestive system they provide a quick source of energy in our body which means it won't be stored for later. These medium-chain fats will promote healing. Also extra virgin coconut oil can stand up to high amounts of heat, which means you can use less of it. You can research coconut oil and you will see there is so many great qualities about it. Your food will not taste like coconut, but it may smell coconuty.

Discontinue/severely limit your use of sugar, even natural sugars, like in fruit and honey. (Do not add any sugar to anything you eat, but if you want some fruit sometimes, go ahead with a little caution) There is also a Sweet tasting herb you can use in place of sugar = Stevia. You can also get this at a health-food store, or buy it online. Make sure you are getting 100% pure Stevia extract with no added chemicals.

Take a fish oil supplement, as this will help your body dispose of fat in your body, and develop and heal muscles. It also works to keep your eyes, skin, hair, nails, colon, and many more body parts in top shape. You will notice a difference within the first week of taking fish oil that your skin and eyes feel healthier. Most people do not get enough of this in our diets..

ORGANIC VEGETABLES- I know organic seems like a fad, but with non-organic foods containing only 10% of its nutrients, its no wonder we are feeling the need to over eat. Our body just isn't getting the nutrients that should be in our food. Organic fruits and vegetables have 90% more nutrients. So for the slight extra price.. we are getting a lot more!

5. MEAT.
We are omnivores, we need protein, we need fats. Eat plenty of lean meats, such as Turkey, Chicken, and some lean cuts of beef & pork. Whenever you can make sure you remove skin, and cut off extra fat. For some more exotic lean choices, I know deer, elk, moose, and buffalo are very lean alternatives closest to beef. Fish is very good too but try not to eat it much more then once a week because of mercury. Some information on fish and the mercury content here Mercury Levels in Fish : American Pregnancy Association

(doesn't matter if you are pregnant or not this link just provides good information about fish, you want the mercury level in your body to be as low no matter who you are.)

6. Low sodium, Lots of herbs.

You want to try to stop putting salt on your food as much as possible. Try buying some herbs and spices. At the health-food stores you can usually buy herbs and spices for a lot cheaper then at a standard grocery store, because they are not a commercial brand products, and they put it in simple packaging (little bags or containers with simple labels). You will save probably 50% of your money if you buy them that way. Or at least that's how it is where I live. Also try to flavor up your food with lemons, garlic, onions. Turn to salt as a last resort and only use a tiny bit. I also recommend using SEA-SALT as it is a little healthier.

7. Limit your use of grains, and try to be gluten-free as much as possible.
This one is slightly controversial so please educate yourself about grains and how they effect our health
If you haven't already... Here is a link to a website with an article to start you off in your knowledge of grains, and why I think they are not part of a healthy diet. Dr.Mercola is my best resource for knowledge on the healthiest foods, and the worst foods. I have double researched his information several times, and double checked his credibility so much that I absolutely trust his information. You can subscribe to the website for free if you want and receive emails with new research and information. Either way you can use this site. The Awful Truth About Eating Grains
There is 2 seeds that are very similar to a grain that are very healthy, they are
Quinoa (kin-wa) once considered "the gold of the Incas." Its now known as a SUPER-FOOD. The reason it is so treasured is that it is packed full of amino-acids, a balanced set of essential amino acids making it a rare complete protein source among non-meat foods, good source of dietary fiber, phosphorus, high in magnesium & iron. Also is Gluten-free and easy to digest!

Buckwheat. Buckwheat is not a grain, nor wheat. Like Quinoa, it is a seed. Used all over Japan ( the worlds health leaders, with the least obese people, and highest life expectancy) Japanese use buckwheat basically in place of wheat which is why I looked into it. If japan is gobbling something up, its usually good for us. I found out this is a commonly used replacement to make gluten-free products. I need to do more research on it still.. For now i only know it is a gluten-free grain replacement, that taste and acts much like Wheat. So in place of wheat flour I suggest buckwheat flour.

You can look up Gluten, some of the things I know about it is, it is horrible for our digestion system, causes allergies, causes obesity, and hurts our immune system. The countries who use the most grains are always the ones with the most obesity.

8. Take a multi-vitamin. Our body actually needs certain 'tools' to get rid of our excess fat. We usually don't get enough nutrients for our bodies to work at its fullest. So taking a multi-vitamin will help you to lose weight.

9. Exercise. You are already doing your exercising but just remember to keep at it, even a little bit of walking a day is awesome for our bodies.

10. Avoid anything man-made and processed. The premade processed foods literally is poison. They contain poisonous additives, and high levels of added calories, sodium, and fillers. Even additives to make sure you still feel hungry after you've eaten! So if you aren't making it yourself or you don't know what some of the ingredients are in your ingredients.. Try not to even touch it unless you are throwing it in the garbage!

11. Ask your doctor how many calories you should be consuming daily and try to stay within that. For a diet, calorie limits are usually 1200 - 1600.

last but most definitely not least: WATER.
Drink as much water as you can, ( 2 liters to a gallon a day).

Anyways that's about all I can think of right now. I hope you can use some of this information and I hope you see some results. Having your doctor tell you to lose weight must be a little scary, but you took the right step and are on your way to being a lot healthier. This site is great, and I'm sure your doctor will have good news for you next time you see them. Great job losing some weight already. Sorry for the huge long post, but I really wanted to help.
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