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Originally Posted by weitzel7 View Post
my son needs to gain 25 lbs. I tried to set him up so he could see how many calories he needs to eat and chart his progress/goal but the system would not let him because his goal was higher than start. is there a way around this?
Most people figure that a "normal" calorie surplus or deficient is 500/day. For example, if he's trying to gain weight and he's burning 3000 calories/ day and he eats 3500 cals/ day he'll put on weight. I hope we have this corrected but in the meantime at least he'll know what he's consuming and burning.

Why does he need to gain 25 pounds? Is he trying to get into a certain weight class or something? Another option... I know that a lot of people that try to gain weight will drink GOMAD. GOMAD is Gallon Of Milk A Day. You can google it. I don't know if that helps any.
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