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Originally Posted by Kumochi View Post
It should work if you just put the 24 oz in for the amount -- be sure and hit the save button.
It certainly should! Here's the process I just now went through:

Food Search: Coffee
Select entry for Coffee - Amount is 1 fl oz
On "Coffee" page, select "Customize This Food"
On "Create a Custom Food" page, change Name from "Coffee" to "Coffee, 24 fl oz"
Select "Create this Food"
On the newly created "Coffee, 24 fl oz" page, change Amount from 1 to 24 [Whether or not this is a healthy quantity is another matter. ]
Select "Edit This Food"
On the resulting "Edit Your Custom Food" page, Amount is still 24, nutrition facts reflects this quantity.
Select "Save"'

At this point, if I choose 'Add To Your Food Log', the entry will be correct.
Whether or not I do so, when I view the custom food, the amount has reverted to 1 fl oz, Nutrition Facts reflects this quantity.

I find that if I add that food from my recent food selection the amount will stay the same.
That does work, but the extra step required is irksome (and painful), i.e. Recent Foods-->More-->Add To Food Log rather than Custom Foods-->Coffe, 24 fl oz. It's not the end of the world, but it will irritate me every day, as well as adding to the accumulation of pain from using the computer, which can be significant. I'd prefer to have the choce of 6,12,18 or 24 ounces right at the top of a drop-down list. Two-clicks and it's over.
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