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Hi there,

Well my moitivation came from being fed up and wanting to want to be healthier. I was 195lbs around 3 years ago and was sick of going to the store and not finding anything to wear. It also helped that my brother was getting married and I was asked to be in the bridal party. Wearing canary yellow just did not do it for me considering I was going to look like the sun dropped out of the sky in that color. So I worked out hard and dropped 40lbs. I've kept most of the weight off but I need to get motivated to hit my new goal (145 by Memorial Day).

My fitness regime consist of running, kettle bells, jumping rope and some light weights. I'm bored to tears! The treadmill has turned into my worst enemy. I can't watch another kettle workout video. I don't know what to do.

My eating habits are healthy. I have willpower there. I just need a kick start to get back into the gym. What do you recommend?
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