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Default Salad's

The salad i make are usually whit fish and chicken .
Most i costum a defaultroute recipie
U need :
And chicken our fish ( tuna our salmon )

I start whit what lettuce that i cut in peace's , stripe's our blocks . Than i put in a dressing somethime's i make it self whit lemon juice and herbs . Than i choise something fish/chicken . Then i do some tomato's , cumcumber , onions raw , cooked egg's and somethime's muschrooms wel cooked . Than i scramble everything toghter and is my salad done .
If i use tuna i do tuna whit some mayonaise scramble this toghter and put it throw the salad .
If i use salmon i cook it our put it in the oven .
If i use chicken i cook it most of the time whit sesame oil and herbs and then scramble it in the salade .
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