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I wish I could join you however this month would not be a good idea. I'm off to vegas for a week April 1st and while I plan on keeping active and eating well there will be a lot of meals eaten out.

Stopping the drive through habit was one of my most important changes. I eat lunch at my office 95 percent of the time. I prefer eating in to going out so picking up someting was a habit. I now brown bag it most days and keep emergency food at the office as well. I often take a salad with a left over chicken breast and some low calorie bread. I have found a Rye Bread and a Pumpernikel bread that have 65 calories per slice and taste good and are a real sized slice. Great for sandwiches without too many calories.

I live alone as well and agree too many things are 4 servings. I use pudding cups to avoid having to eat 4 servings in 2 days -- which always happens if I make my own dessert.

Good luck. It is well worth kicking the fast food habit and there are lots of great alternatives. keep us posted. Mary

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