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A good reason to save Wendy's for special occasions only:

Dbl baconator + fries = 1260 calories, 75g fat (2.6 oz or almost 1/5 of a pound).

But you probably already knew that!
Besides, you are smarter than your classmates noshing of all that fat and salt.

Lots of us live alone, either literally or virtually (like those with roommates who don't really interact with the roommates.) It is, indeed, really easy to over eat because the recipes are for 4 or 6 servings, but many can be cut down to single servings so you don't make as much in the first place. An other option is to start relying on foods that don't matter as much if you over eat like big salads with some tuna or chicken for protein, and low calorie dressing. Even if you eat a double serving, you are not likely to blow your calorie budget by too much. Big veggie portions.. who cares if you eat 2 cups of green beans instead of 1.

You get the picture!
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