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I am totally with you. But like Michael, I haven't had much fast food in over a year. But here's a bit of my experience. Once you get through the withdrawls (and you know how truly addictive the stuff is) and eat mostly real food, you will probably find that you don't really like the taste anymore.

It will take some will power to walk on by for a while. But I know you can do it! And once you get through your 30 days, don't look back! This may be the second best decision in your life (the first was to getting a grip on your diet and fitness in the first place).

Although I still like a good burger now and then, I much rather fix one at home. The last one I had a couple of months ago from Carls Jr just didn't taste very good. And pizza is much the same way. We make a kick-@$$ pizza at home with all real ingredients (no artificial "cheese-food"). So it's not like you are forbidden from those foods for ever and ever. You are just upgrading your tastes to food that really tastes good!

Now go turn your cute little nose up at all that yucky fast food (I want to feel the attitude!)- you know you can do it!

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